DIY: Vial Decor

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to show you guys how I made this little vial decoration. You can use other colour variations to get different affects and decorate it how you want, but this is a basic tutorial of how I made mine! Equipment: * vial/container * cotton ball * paint – black, red, yellow, […]


Hey guys, just a quick update here to explain a few things. First things first, thank you for being so patient with my absence. I have had a few really lovely emails from you guys asking where I’ve been and wishing me the best. I just want you to know that I do read every […]

Fall Spice Tag!

Hey everyone! I am finally back on course with my usual posts and stuff. I do apologise for the amount of series’ I’ve been doing – but I have been extremely busy with school and mental health shizz and didn’t want to leave you guys! But I am back now, and although it is the […]

Self Injury First Aid

Hey everyone. This was another requested post, but one I was also thinking of doing anyway. So I was asked to write a post about first aid for self injury; in particularly cutting. I don’t actually have too much to say on this, because every single case is different, but I just wanted to give […]

Food Series: Chocolate Berry Cups

Hey everyone! So this post brings an end to my Food Series so I do hope at least one of you has enjoyed some aspect of it. I’m going to leave you with this cute dessert or snack that balances with the fruit and the chocolate. 30minutes preparation; 90minutes refrigeration; makes 12 Ingredients 300g chocolate, […]

Food Series: Treacle Tarts

Hey everyone! I wanted to bring you one of my favourite recipes! This may not be the quickest recipe, but these Treacle Tarts are great to take as a snack or part of a packed lunch to school or work. They are also just as good for snacks or dessert at home! 40minutes preparation; 25minutes […]