DIY: Vial Decor

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to show you guys how I made this little vial decoration. You can use other colour variations to get different affects and decorate it how you want, but this is a basic tutorial of how I made mine!


* vial/container
* cotton ball
* paint – black, red, yellow, white
* paintbrush
* sponge
* black pen
* paper
* tape
* waterproof container
* bath bomb – purple
* water
* glycerine
* bath salts/sugars/caviar – blue, purple, yellow

* the first thing I did was begin the prepare my ‘mixture’. In my vial/container I poured in my bath caviar. I layered mine in colour order of blue, purple and then yellow on top. In a separate container, I used a clean empty jam jar, I filled it up with 3 parts water and 1 part glycerine and mixed it together. And in there I placed my bath bomb and put that to the side to fizz.
* in the meantime I worked on decorating the bottle. I took a small slip of paper, larger than I wanted the label to be, and put it to the side to paint. I mixed up a brown paint using 3parts white, 1part red, 2parts yellow and 1/2part black; you could also use just a brown if you have one or soak a teabag in hot water. I then dipped the sponge into the paint and sponged a thin layer over the paper, going over it again as needed to lighten and darkest areas. After that has dried I took a black pen to write out the lettering, I chose to write ‘Poision’ in a vintage–esque style, and then tore the label into the shape and style I wanted. Taking some tape, I measured it up and stuck the label onto the vial. To give it an older look I ruffed up any loose edges so it was so flat and precise.
* now onto the mixture again. Once the bath bomb has fizzed, you should have a coloured water – mine was purple. In small amounts I poured the liquid into the vial up to my desired height. The water and caviar you put it will begin to change colour.
* to finish up, I wanted a cork in the top. Instead of using the one it came with, I made my own. I painted a tiny bit of black paint and rubbed it between my palms before rolling a cotton ball in it. It gives the cotton ball a darker more smokey look. Once satisfied I positioned it in the top of the vial and was done!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little DIY project!



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