Fall Spice Tag!

Hey everyone!

I am finally back on course with my usual posts and stuff. I do apologise for the amount of series’ I’ve been doing – but I have been extremely busy with school and mental health shizz and didn’t want to leave you guys! But I am back now, and although it is the end of September now, I wanted to do the Fall Spice Tag! (For all of my lovely UK readers – I’m using Fall so everyone else knows what we’re talking about)

Favourite Lip Product – I have been loving two lip products so far this fall. As I don’t want anything too dramatic or anything that I will have to touch up to stop it looking really worn for school, I have been loving the Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayon in shade 2/Cherry Red. The second product is for when I’m not at school, and that is the Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Dare. Both are £4.99 from Superdrug.

Red or Pink Lips – As you may know before or have guessed from the previous question, I love my red lips. In fact I do only wear red lips.

Winged eyeliner or bold eyeshadow – As we aren’t allowed heavy makeup for school, I can only stick to winged eyeliner weekdays, and I don’t often wear bold eyeshadow unless I know I’m going out somewhere with my friends or something.

Natural/Cold/Light or Bold/Warm/Dark makeup – I prefer darker makeup – all year. I very rarely wear light or natural makeup, other than for school. Even in the spring and summer.

Favourite Nail Polish – I don’t have a specific nail polish, but I love dark colours. Some of my favourites are Red Black and Black, both by Barry M.

Uggs or Moccasins – I have never been a fan of Maccasins – I just really do not like them. I have never owned a pair of uggs because I don’t wear them enough – but I do have a fake pair that I got in Primark! I basically live in Converse and Doc Martins all year!

Fuzzy socks or Knee-High socks – Who said you have to choose?! I have a pair of fluffy grey over-the-knee socks from Primark that I got last year – and I absolutely love them. They are perfect for lounging around, and also for wearing with boots (such as my Doc Martins)!

Favourite Fall Accessory – I can’t pick just one – so I have four for you! My black bandana (from a market); my black beanie (from amazon); my pink checkered scarf (not sure of where I got it – was a long time ago!); and my long red and black fingerless gloves (from Blue Banana).

Favourite Fall Food – This fall I have been loving two flavours of Pop-Tarts that I have only just discovered – S’mores and Brown Sugar Cinnamon.

Favourite Movie – It isn’t really a ‘Fall’ movie, but more of a Halloween Movie. Either way, every Fall I watch Corpse’s Bride about 15 times.

Apple Pie or Brownies – Apple pie. But for me that isn’t a Fall thing as we make one like every two weeks.

Favourite Halloween Candy – I love the Pumpkin and the Ghost Peeps! But I do have to order them online :/

Halloween Costume this year – Last year I didn’t really dress up. I just used some fake lip studs paired with amazing spidery eye makeup and my normal clothes. This year however, I’m…… Batman! (Or Bat..woman…)

Favourite thing about Fall – I love the environment. It’s an amazing time for my photography – what with all the trees, leaves, weather – it’s just beautiful.

email: emmasaurusofficial@gmail.com


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