Quick Update

Hey everyone.

I’m sorry that there is no post today but I have been super super busy.
I just wanted to let you know, that after my next series (1st September – 15th) my schedule will be changing back to my term–time schedule. This means that you will only be getting one post a week, every Thursday. If I have extra time, you may get a second post a week which is likely to be posted on a Monday.
Due to a nice little request I received via my email from a group of girls, I will now be uploading some videos to my blog. This will commence the same time as my term–time schedule starts, however there will be no set schedule for my video uploads.

If you have any requests at all – whether it’s fashion, topic talks, q&a questions, mental health – absolutely anything at all, please let me know either in the comments, via my email or on my tumblr and I will make sure that I do them asap.

Thank you guys so much.

Email: emmasaurusofficial@gmail.com
Tumblr: ourlivesinfused.tumblr.com


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