Back To School Series: What’s In My School Bag?

Hey everyone.

So this post is just going to be a very quick guidance of what I will be carrying in my school bag this year.

So my school bag this year is a backpack by the brand Bleeding Heart. It is quite a large backpack with padded shoulder straps and a second pocket on the front of the bag.

The first thing that I keep in my bag is my phone and purse. I carry my phone everywhere, and I find it’s always good to have even a small amount of money with you wherever you are just in case of emergencies.

In the main pocket, I keep all of my school equipment. Other than any school books I need for that day, I also carry around folders. You can use plastic wallets, folders, files, ring binders; whatever you prefer. I have a plastic file for each subject and inside each folder I keep three things. Just loose in the folder I keep any homework I have been given to do. Then I have two plastic wallets or polly-pockets in the file. One for completed homework, and one for any handouts we are given in class. I also keep a few spare sheets of loose lined paper in the back of each folder.

Next is a must-have for school – I do not know how you can get through school without one. I always have a planner or agenda. We get given ours at school and aren’t allowed to use our own, but it’s still super easy to go out and buy one if you are allowed your own or if your school doesn’t already provide them.

Then I have my beauty bag and my pencil case. I have posts on what I keep in each of them which I will link at the end if you haven’t seen them or want to look back at them again.

As some of you may know, I am quite a big bookworm, so I always have a book with me – and school is no exception. But even if you aren’t too into reading, sometimes you may be required to have a book at school, or you may be asked to read if you finish some work in class.

Finally in the main pocket of my bag, I always have a bottle of water and either my lunch or some food. It’s always good to have a bottle of water for if you need it in class, and also it can get pretty expensive if you continue to buy it from the cafeteria. Even if you buy your lunch from school, it can be handy to keep a snack of some sort in your bag in case a situation crops up where you just need something to fill that little whole until you can buy some food!

Next is onto the front pocket of my backpack.

I always keep a calculator in my bag. Even if I don’t have a class where a calculator is required, there is always a chance that a calculator may come in handy in a different class. Or even if a friend has a math or science exam or class where they need a calculator but their one has broken at school and they don’t have enough money to buy one from the school, it can be nice to be able to be that friend that can help them out!

Although in my school we are not required to bring our own paper, on top of the spare sheets I keep in each subject folder, I like to bring a small (usually A5) note book. This comes in handy if I want to take any extra notes in class. I’ll do this if I don’t want/am not allowed to put it in my school note books, or if we have to hand the books in and it’s something I want for the homework given that lesson. It can also come in handy if you need to jot something down before school, after school or at lunch or break.

As part of my home organisation, I like to have note/flash cards to help me study. I’ll take a few dozen of these, tied with an elastic band, in my backpack in case they are needed in class or we are given time to start any revision. On a similar note to this, I like to take a small pack of mini Post-it-Notes.

I always have to have a pair of headphones in my bag for walking to and from school, or for at school if I get the chance. They can also be handy if you are using computers and you don’t really want to use the half broken school ones.

My last one may be a bit strange to some people, but I always keep a small watch in my bag. I know at my school we are not allowed to get our phones out in class. If, like me, you don’t wear a watch you tend to rely on either a friend of the classroom clock. I very rarely trust what the clocks tell me as pretty much all of them are different and none of them are correct. This is great if you just want to check the time to see how long you have to wait before you are free out of class, or to keep track of the time if you need to leave early.

So I really hope you guys enjoyed this post!




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