Back to School Series: 3 Quick Hairstyles

Hey everyone.

Today I wanted to talk you through 3 super quick and easy hairstyles that I think are perfect for school.

1) High Ponytail Bandana


This is my favourite hairstyle at the moment. An optional step is the tease and pin your fringe (bangs) into a small rocker-style quiff. Gather all your hair (I like to leave some loose bits down at the sides along with my fringe – like in the image) and tie it in a high ponytail. I prefer to put mine in a ponytail slightly more to one side of my head. Then you want to get your (already folded) bandana and tie it around your head. Everyone finds a way that they prefer to do this, and a position on their head that they find works and looks best.

2) Loose Side Braid


This is so simple yet so pretty and an easy way to spice up your hair, even when you want it tied back. It’s up to you whether you want to leave your fringe out or pinned back, aswell as how much extra hair you want to leave out. I like to spray a bit of tousled spray into my hair so it looks more messy, but not as though I’ve been dragged through a bush. Just pull as much of your hair as you want over to the side and begin a 3-strand braid in your hair right to the end and tie with an elastic. Once it is secure, work from the bottom up, gently pulling each layer of the plait to make it larger and more messy. If you have layers like me, I find it useful to smooth a bit of styling product through my hair to get the loose ends to form better.

3) Braided Bangs (Fringe)


This is great for one of those days when you just want to get your fringe out of your face. Start by taking a section of your fringe right next to the root and splitting it into three sections. After each normal braid you do, grab a small strand of hair from the top. Repeat this 5 or 6 times until you have all of the sections of your fringe in the braid. Take the section under a piece of hair and secure with a hair pin. I like to tease the section I put over the top so that it is harder to see the clip underneath it.

I hope you guys enjoyed these hairstyles. Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite – 1, 2 or 3.




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