Back to School Series: What’s in my Beauty Bag

Hey everyone.

I thought I would make a separate post to list all the things in my beauty/makeup/emergency bag instead of making the ‘What’s in my Bag’ post even longer. This will be quite a short post as I will only be listing the items I put into my beauty bag. Without further ado, I’ll get right into it!

* Tissues
* Travel Wipes
* Cotton Buds & Pads
* Safety Pins
* Nail Kit (scissors, nail clippers, file)
* Lip Balm
* Eyeliner
* Lipgloss/Lip colour
* Pressed Powder (+ brush/sponge)
* Compact Mirror
* Brush/Comb
* Hand Sanitizer
* Hand/Body Lotion
* Perfume/Body Spray
* Deodorant
* Mints/Gum
* Keys
* Sanitary Equipments (pads, tampons etc.)
* Hair Ties & Grips/Clips
* Earring Box (with spare earrings and backs)
* Plasters
* USB Flash Drive

Okay, so that is pretty much everything I keep in my Beauty Bag. I hope you guys enjoyed; and let me know what your beauty/makeup essential is for school/work!



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