Back To School Series: What’s In My Pencil Case

Hey everyone.

This video has actually been requested, so I thought I would do it as part of my series. It will only be a short post, but I hope this helps some of you in some way. I got all the products except the pencil case from Adds.

My pencil case is the Disney ‘Winnie The Pooh’ Multi–Pocket Pencil Case. When you open it up there are 3 sections.

In the front section I keep my pens and essentials. I bought two packs of the Bic Round Stick pens; one in blue and one in black. Each pack comes with 20 medium (1.0mm) pens; and I put 5 of each colour in the pencil case. I also have a sharpener, but I haven’t actually got that yet. Then I have a rubber. I bought the 2 pack white Helix erasers. Each pack of pens was £2 each and the set of two rubbers was £0.50.

In the back section I keep all of my coloured pens. I bought a set of 20 1.0mm colourful helping pens which were £1. The pack comes with every colour you could need and are perfect for colouring, correcting or for notes.

In the middle section, which has another zip, I just keep my highlighters. I got the Bic Brite Liners for £2. These are the bright coloured chisel–tip highlighters. The thinnest part of the tip is 1.6mm and the thickest is 3.4mm. The pack comes with a yellow, orange, pink, blue and green.

Okay, so that is it for what is in my pencil case!



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