Talk Topic: Inspiration and Motivation

Hey everyone.

I’ve decided to create a new series called Talk Topic. This is an interactive series in the comments between all of you guys and me, to involve you in my posts more and to make sure everyone’s ideas and opinions are heard.
Today’s Talk Topic is on Inspiration and Motivation.

It’s important to try and stay motivated and inspired; whether it’s within work, school, hobbies, clubs, social events or just everyday life.

I want you guys to talk to eachother and me, or just comment with your questions, opinions, advice or anything (related and sensitive).
Possible Areas for Discussion: (include more)
* Where/When do you feel it’s important to be inspired and/or motivated?
* How do you stay motivated/inspired?
* Advice to others
* Your questions about motivation, inspiration or any related topics mentioned in the comments
* Why should you try and be motivated/inspired?
* How do you use motivation/inspiration in your everyday life?
* Where do you feel your potential is not as great without motivation/inspiration


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