Hey everyone.

I have received a fair few amount of questions about myself over the past couple of months, so I thought I would answer them all in a Q&A post. Let me know in the comments if I should do a Q&A every month or couple of months, along with any questions for future Q&A posts.

How many times have you dyed your hair and what colours? – About 5 times. My first 2 dyes were a dark purple red colour. Then I bleached the ends and had ombre. After that I dyed the inner sections purple. Last month I dyed my hair with a purple red bleach mix which is what I have now.

How old were you when you first dyed your hair? – I think I was 12. Probably a few months before my 13th birthday.

When did you start self harming? – I think I started in year 7 (11 years old) but then I stopped for a while. I started again fully near the start of year 8 (12 years old).

What phone do you have? – I have a Motorola Luxe.

Book you’re currently reading? – The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

What is you’re favourite Marvel superhero? – Either Thor, Captain America or Iron Man.

Would you ever become vegetarian or vegan? – Yes. I want to become a vegetarian, but my parents won’t allow me to and I’m not physically healthy enough for it at the moment.

What is your favourite band, album from them, and the first song you heard? – My favourite band is My Chemical Romance and my favourite album is probably 3 Cheers for Sweet Revenge. The first song I heard was when I was 12 and it was Welcome to The Black Parade. It was on my friend’s phone in a noisy corridor at school, and in that situation, the little bits that I heard sounded a lot like Mcfly to me….. Apparently that was how my brain worked.

What piercings do you want but aren’t allowed? – I am not allowed anymore piercings until I am 16, but I’m hoping to maybe get my tragus pierced when I’m 15. I also want a side labret (lip), 3 helix piercings and my septum re-pierced.

Thank you very much guys for all your questions. I did receive quite a few that were quite personal and more advice related, which I sent replies to. If I get a quantity of those types of questions I may do separate ‘Mental Health’ Q&As.

You can send questions for my next Q&A via the comments, my blog email or my Tumblr – with the title/subject/heading: Q&A. Of course you can send any requests, comments or other questions to any of the above and I will get back to you!

email: emmasaurusofficial@gmail.com

Tumblr: ourlivesinfused.tumblr.com


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