Morning Skincare Routine

Hey everyone!

Today I thought I would bring you an updated version of my morning skincare routine. I will also be doing a bedtime skincare routine which you can find the link for at the end. My skincare routine is quite short, but I hope you enjoy!

The first thing I do is remove any excess makeup. Sometimes there can be a little bit of eyeliner or mascara or something that didn’t get removed before, so I take some Boots eye makeup remover gel on a Q– Tip and remove anything that’s been left behind.

The next thing I do is wash my face. I begin by using the cream wash by T–zone mixed with my young skin face scrub. I apply the scrub to my face before massaging it in using the cream wash. This saves and step and makes the scrub spread easier. Then I take my Simple facial wash gel which I work into a lather in my hands and apply to my face. This is really refreshing to wake you up and I also like it because it’s just an extra step to ensure my face is clean and that I have removed all of the pieces of scrub.

The last thing I do is apply the T–zone spot stick to any spots and blemishes. I leave this to dry before doing my makeup.

I know this was very short but I hope you guys enjoyed!

Bedtime Skincare Routine: (Upload 27 July 2013)

YouTube (message):


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