Summer: Eye Tutorial 2

Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to show you an eye makeup look I’ve been loving for summer already. It’s great if you want something a little less casual for going out. It is a Gold–Based Blue Eye.

First, I spread the equivalent of a Mac PaintPot in Eigenvalue over my lid using my finger. I applied about two layers of this and blended it to just above the crease.

I used the equivalent of a Mac 275/213 brush, to apply pretty much all of my eyeshadow in this look. I began by pressing the equivalent of Mac’s Moon’s Reflection into the inner third of my eye. I then took the equivalent of Mac’s Winkle and pressed it into the centre third of my eye. Next I pressed the equivalent of Mac’s Electric Eel into just short of the outer half.

I then used the equivalent of a Mac 217/224 brush with a little bit of the Winkle eyeshadow on to blend the colours together seamlessly.

Taking the equivalent of Mac’s Deep Truth on a 219 brush, I blended it into the outer V and into the outer half of my crease.

On a 217/224 brush, I took the equivalent of Mac’s Aquadisiac and softly blended it just above my crease to blend everything out and add more dimension.

To finish off the look, I used a liquid eyeliner to draw fairly thick winged eyeliner on my lids, and a black gel eyeliner to full in my lash line. I also took the gel in a thick line under my lashes. The tip with doing that, is that you want the line slightly smaller than your lashes. So if you have long lashes, your line will be thicker than someone with shorter lashes.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. I’m sorry for the lack of photos to go with my recent posts but I have been having technical difficulties uploading images.

XxxX Emma

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