Summer: Eye Tutorial 1.

Hey everyone.

As part of my Summer series, I thought I would also include a few eye makeup tutorials for different occasions that I love for summer. Today I’m going to show you an everyday copper eye; so let’s get started!

After doing my full face makeup routine (including the concealer on the lids), I used the equivalent of the Mac PaintPot in Painterly and used my finger to spread it over my lid.

Using a similar colour, like Mac’s Shroom and a Mac 275/213 brush, I gently pressed a light layer over the base and blended the shadow into the crease to soften the edges and make it easier to blend colours on top.

Taking a slightly bronze eyeshadow, like Mac Woodworker, I pressed it lightly over the outer half of my lid using another 275/213 brush. Using what was left on the brush, I gently pulled the bronze into the nude and blended the line together using the equivalent of a 217/224 brush.

I took a copper eyeshadow, like Mac Copperly, on a 275/213 brush and blended it gently into the outer third. I took the bronze shade over the seam again to blend all the colours together.

Next I took a brown copper eyeshadow; I used a mix of Mac’s Espresso and Copperly. Alternately using a 219 and a 217/224 brush, I blended this colour into my crease. Using the dense 219 brush I blended it quite intensely into my crease. Then using the softer 217/224 brush I blended it up and out, into what I call my upper crease. I kept doing this, creating more intense colour and then blending it out, until I got the balance of colour I wanted.

Rather than using an eyeliner, I wanted to go for a softer look. I did start off by using a black eyeliner, but using the equivalent of Mac Carbon on a 266/209 brush, I blended out the eyeliner slightly to create a softer and slightly smokey look. I repeated this for my bottom lashes, but I used a gel eyeliner instead for extra staying power (but you could also use a black eye base).

Finally I took a highlight colour, white or cream shadow and gently placed this in my inner corner. You can really use any eyeshadow brush for this, or even your finger. Whatever you prefer.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little tutorial. Let me know what eye looks you would like to see a tutorial on for summer!
XxxX Emma



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