Summer: Favourite Outfits

Hey everyone!
This is going to be a post talking about some of my favourite fashion items for summer. I don’t have too many summer items, as the weather hasn’t been amazing in the UK (yet), but anyway let’s get into it!

Firstly, I have been loving High–Waisted Shorts. I have loved them for quite a while, but have really got into them this year. My favourite place to get them is Primark. I have 3 pairs; they were all reduced to various amounts from £10. They have tons of different styles and colours etc, and they are generally such nice shorts!

Next I have been loving TankTop style tops. I only have two but they are so nice. I have an Aztec print one and a heart print one. They are just super nice and lightweight for the summer, and look really nice with a bandeau style bra top underneath.

Bandeaus or strapless bras are another one of my summer picks. I got one last year and have been loving it again this year already. Mine is from NewLook and is a bright pinky nude colour with lace all over it. I also just picked up a denim blue one from Primark with square studs over it (which was £4). They are really comfortable and is great for those says when you generally feel it’s too hot for [the restrictions of] a bra.

Next, I have taken the plunge for the Crop Top trend and have recently picked up two in my last shopping trip. From a little boutique shop I picked up a dark blue, short sleeve crop top; and from Primark I picked up this really cute Disney crop top. The Disney one is a thicker material with long sleeves and is covered with Mickey Mouse prints. I think these are super cute and are just amazing for days when it’s really warm and you maybe want to get a bit of a tan or show yours off!

So far this summer I have been loving Ankle Converse . I pretty much live in High Tops, but I have really got into the shorter ones. I picked up my first pair from Newlook I think and they were probably around £8 – £10. I got mine in black but they have some really nice lace patterned ones which would look amazing for the summer. These are perfect for when I go down the park with my friends because they go with any shorts, skirts, leggings, whatever; and they are more protective for a park than sandals, but they are still easy to take off for sunbathing.

That is it for what I have been loving at the moment, clothing wise, for summer. I will do an update in around 6 weeks time when I finish school for summer break, and let you know what I have really been loving for the start of summer!



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