Parents and Hair Dye

Hey everyone!
I get asked about ways to convince your parents to let you dye your hair. I am still in the process as my parents are still against the idea, however I have already dyed my hair three times and bleached it once (with their permission).

– Do your homework and find out everything you can including the exact colour and dye you wish you use. This will show you have put thought and effort into it, and it isn’t just a spur of the moment.
– Tell them things from your research such as how the dye washes out eventually. It’s best to start off with semi–permanent dyes.
– Offer to pay for the supplies and hair dye. And say you are willing to pay to either dye over it or get it fixed if it does go wrong.
– Make sure it doesn’t go against any dress codes for work or school.
– Behave. This is one of the best ways to have a better chance. Your parents will see you are maturing and will be more likely to allow more “adult” things such as hair dye.
– Explain to them why you want it. Avoid things such as “my friends have it” as this can trigger the classic “if your friends jumped off a bridge” responses.
– If they are worried about it being done at home, say you’ll pay to get it done at a salon or hair dressers. This way your parents know your hair is in the hands of someone trained and certified to do the job properly.

I hope these tips helped you guys and I’ll speak to you soon!


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