“People are watching me….”

Hey everyone!

Today I thought I would do a little post just on a small topic I was thinking about on the way home from school today.

So, I was walking home (alone as always – but that’s how I choose) and saw someone else walking alone in the opposite direction and saw them look at me. I thought about what they maybe thought of me walking alone and started to think about why I do walk alone and the way I do (there are two ways I can walk home). I walk home the direction I do because they are less people and it is quieter. If I walk the other way, there are so many people and I always feel like people are watching me and laughing about me being the only person walking alone (because even there, my friends turn off in the opposite direction to me).

So many people with forms of anxiety feel this way – feel like people are watching, talking or laughing about them. I feel like this pretty much everywhere I go. You get someone behind you and if they whisper or laugh, I instantly think it is about me. The worst thing is when you know someone is talking or laughing about you or you overhear it. That just reinforces your paranoia that people are laughing or talking about you behind your back.

I just wanted to make a short post about this. Many people, when told about this, think that people who feel like this are self-involved or arrogant; because as far as they are aware, we feel like people are always looking at us and always talking about us. It is not arrogant or self-involved or anything like that. It is a fear and a paranoia. I just wanted to get this across. XxxX

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