Eyelash Tip!

Hey everyone!

I recieved a question a question a while ago on my old facebook. I replied to the person but have now decided it was quite a good question to share with you guys!

If I curl my lashes wrong, how can I undo it? And how can I protect and care for my lashes and still get the look of mascara (with or without it)?

I thought that was a really good question, and with a small bit of family research for the second part, i came up with the answers!

If I curl my lashes wrong, how can i undo it? Well, the method I always use is easy. Use some moisturiser, eyelash conditioner or dilute or sensitive eye make up remover. For which ever one you are using, get a small amount on clean fingers and gently massage it onto the lashes and the roots. You may need to use a lash comb aswell. This should soften up your lashes and ‘wash out’ any made structure to your lashes. Much like how, if you wash your hair any curls you made will be taken out. If you apply mascara before you curl your lashes, i dont know how well it would work. However I do not recommend using mascara before curling your lashes, as the mascara can cause your lashes to split and break off! If you want to use something before curling your lashes I recommend a lash conditioner.

How can I protect and care for my lashes and still get the look of mascara (with or without it)? Again, you can use a lash conditioner. This will care for and protect your lashes whilst priming your lashes for any mascara. You can use them without mascara, as most provide a good amount of volume. If you do decide to use mascara, make sure you always remove it all from your lashes, much how you wouldnt go to bed with foundation still on and pack it on again the next day. A good tip for removing anything non–wateproof from your lashes is rubbing moisturiser into them and the roots; and then washing it off. You could do this after removing your makeup, much like using a cleanser and toned on the rest of your face.

I hope you guys enjoyed this even though it was a bit different!

email: emmasaurusofficial@gmail.com

twitter: @MissTeenAdvice_


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