My Anxieties: Exams

Hi everyone!

Today is my first My Anxieties post and I am going to talk about my anxieties in Exams.

I have had most of my end of year exams recently along with a GCSE exam and I have gone through a lot of stress and things because of them.

My first anxiety is being called into the exam hall. We have to wait outside until our name is called in register order. There are only a couple of people with the same first letter (of my last name) so when i have to walk through the crowd to the hall doors everyone watches you.

My second anxiety is if we are then scanned. Even though I never take my phone to an exam, even in my bag, and i empty any keys, money, clips or anything that could set it off, i am still terrified that it will go off. This also ties in with my anxiety of being caught by an invidulator for doing something wrong that i am not aware of.

Next I am anxious about leading into the hall. As I am near the end of the register most people are already bored waiting in their seats. Im terrified because I feel like everyone is looking at me. I feel like this during the exam and when we lead out row by row at the end.

I am also terrified of failing, or getting the worse in the class. I used to be quite smart, but then things started to go downhill. I lost all motivation to learn and I would zone out during lessons or not turn up at all. I am still fairly smart, but I dont know everything that has been taught in classes.

I think thats enough of my anxieties for this post. I will do another one of these soon on a different topic.


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