Review: Be Enchanted – You Shall Go To The Ball – The Key To Colour Beauty Palette

I have been wanting to do some kind of review for a while, and thought this was perfect! For my birthday, I got The Key To Colour Beauty Palette and thought I should do a review on it! (If you haven’t seen my Birthday Haul yet, you can check it out here: Birthday Haul)

Sadly, you cannot purchase this (from Boots) anymore, but if you want to check this out, you can always have a look on Ebay or Amazon. Okay, so lets get into it!

pallete - cover pallete

So that is the Palette – the outside cover and inside. It is just a really cute, magnetic palette in a kind of ‘book’ style. On the inside it says “Unlock the secrets… to enchanting eyes and luscious lips fit for a princess” “Dust a single eye colour over your eye lid or use up to three colours together for a captivating colour impact” “…choose from Enchanted or Fanfare blushers to add a delicate rosy glow to the apples of your cheeks” “…finish off your fairytale look with a choice of glossy lip colours” “You shall go to the ball!”

This palette contains 9 eyeshadows, 4 lip tints, 1 blusher and 3 applicators.


These eyeshadows are really nice. They aren’t massively pigmented, but are still pretty good – it gives you a good amount of colour without having to build it up, although you can if you want a more intense look. The shades are really pretty. There are some nice, natural colours and then some more colourful ones, but all of them are really easy to work into any look.


These are the eyeshadow swatches (on my arm). The colours are as follows: [from left to right]

Castle; Cloak; Sorcerer; Thicket; Gossamer; Enchanted; Halflight; Enchanted Oak; Coppice

Castle is a pretty grey. Cloak is a deep purple. Sorcerer is a bright, dark blue. Thicket is a dark, mossy grean. Gossamer is a soft, baby pink. Enchanted is a very light pink (almost white – good inner corner highlight). Halflight is a really lovely light blue/silver. Enchanted Oak is a lovely crease brown. Coppice is a shimmery like gold.

Lip Tints


Those are the lip tints. The colours are really nice and soft. They do not leave your lips sticky, nor do they dry them out. If you look at the main palette at the start of the post, you can see the lip tints.

The red one in the palette is Charmed, which is the one on the far right. The one on the middle right is Fairest, which is basically a shimmery gloss. The one on the middle left is Gracious, which is a slightly more pigmented version of Fairest – which looks like a highlight for your lips when on. And the one on the far left is Pixie which is quite a Barbie pink.



That is the Blusher. The blush in my set is Fanfare and is a really pretty colour. It is a soft, shimmery pink that is so complimenting, especially to pale skin, which is often overwhelmed by many blushers. There isn’t much to say about this but it is really nice and I would compare it to the MUA Blusher in Shade 3 or the Collection 2000 Powder Blush in Trouble.


So I hope you guys enjoyed this little review. I will hopefully be doing some more soon!


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