Strength In Numbers Tag

Hi everyone.

I wanted to do this tag today because I feel like it’s relevant.


Have you ever felt unconfident and why? – Yes. I am generally unconfident because of social anxiety and general anxiety and being insecure.

Do you loose confidence when you don’t feel ‘pretty’? – It’s not right, but yes. I generally feel ugly and this, that and the other, but I do get days that are especially bad when I feel really insecure and things just aren’t going right and I completely loose confidence.

What makes you feel confident about yourself? – Generally everyday, it’s mainly makeup and covering up what I don’t want people to see, which I know is wrong. One of my best friends is always there for me, knows everything about me and he always makes me feel more confident about myself. Also, making a difference to other people. Like making him smile when he’s having a bad day and knowing that I can help people when they need it most.


Have you been bullied? – Yes, pretty much my whole life. Began with just the generalised things of being called ugly, being tripped up and all that kind of thing. Then, as it is now. I get bullied about my height, appearance, weight, what I like and dislike… pretty much anything you can think of.

Did you ever bully someone? – No. I mean, everyone has those times that, for whatever reason, you may have lashed out, done something or said something to someone that has hurt their feelings, but I’ve never done anything intentional.

How do you deal with bullying? – It sounds ridiculous, seeing as the whole point of me being here is to try and help you guys with whatever it is that is troubling you, but I don’t know. I think it depends on the individual situation, but say for my own situation, I honestly don’t know. I guess I’m so used to it and I agree with everything they say to me, that I just don’t do anything at all.

Inner Beauty

Do nicer people seem more ‘beautiful’ to you? – Yes. To me, beauty is about what’s on the inside, not your appearance.

Does makeup make you feel prettier? – In a way, yes. It’s really bad, but that’s just the way for me. I don’t feel prettier within myself, because I know it’s like a mask in a way, but I feel almost more acceptable. I feel like others will see me a ‘pretty’ and that they won’t see what’s below all that.

What do you think of the expression ‘beauty comes from the inside?’ – As said before, I totally agree with that. It seems strange that I’m saying all this about how it’s what’s on the inside, but I’m then saying that I feel ugly because I hate how I look and I want to mask it all over. But it’s a lot harder to put your own advice into action, rather than someone else’s.

Okay, so I hope you guys enjoyed this. It’s a little bit different but I thought it may help some of you. I may do a couple of ‘my story’ posts on different subjects. Let me know if you like the idea of that.



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