Quick Update

Hey everyone!

I have been super busy with exam revision and stuff so I’ve not had time to plan and write up a post for May 6th. I just wanted to ask you guys a couple of things:

1) Q&A – I would love it if you guys could send in some questions or talk topics for my next Q&A Topic Talk post.

2) Post Requests – I have been lacking inspiration and motivation recently so it would be amazing if you could send me some requests for posts or ideas you would like me to discuss or do something on.

If you wish to contact me on twitter, you can either send it directly to me, or link it to




Okay, so I’m so sorry this was only a very very short post, but never-the-less, I love you guys and hope you are all doing well. Remember you can always talk to me whenever you need to and I will try and help or just be there to listen.

You can contact me or send me requests/questions etc. via the following (or as always, via the comments):

email: emmasaurusofficial@gmail.com

(I will not send email to you – only replies to any message you send me, and I will not save or send on any information)

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missteenadviceofficial

twitter: @MissTeenAdvice_

youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/EmmaSaurusOfficial

(I do not make videos, but feel free to message me via youtube as I check it every day)



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