Hi everyone.

I found the Born This Way tag on youtube and thought I would turn it into a post for you guys about Labels. Basically, I’m going to share with you the 5 most common labels I am given, and try to explain why, or why I think I am given these.


This one goes around a lot, and is basically people giving me a label for what they think they see. I asked around at school and did a bit of research to find out what leads people to say that someone is ‘Emo’. The main ones I came up with were ‘dresses in dark clothes’, ‘self harm’, ”emo’ music’, and following the whole stereotypical ’emo look’. The first thing I want to say about this is that I have had my doubts about this. I’m not trying to be anyone or to fit in with a certain label, but I have had insecure patches where I have thought ‘I am emo’. As you guys know, I self harm, but no one who called me Emo, knows that. Yes I dress in dark clothes a lot, but I always have, and I do have a lot of bright colours in my wardrobe. I have naturally dark hair, pale skin and I wear a lot of eyeliner, because that is the kind of makeup I like. I also listen to rock music, which everyone seems to dub as ‘Emo’ music. Just felt like adding this because it proves that people don’t know what they are talking about when they label you. I asked someone why they called me emo and they said, 1) dark hair (natural), 2) dark clothes (uniform), 3) eyeliner (my look – so many people also wear eyeliner) 4) music (rock music isn’t emo).


This is very controversial, because I guess I am if you follow the so-called ‘criteria’. I am fairly smart. I’m not being big headed. I am in a lot of top sets and I know I am bright, but I know I’m no where near the smartest person. I love to read and I really enjoy English. There isn’t really much to say on this one, but my response to being called a nerd/geek is, well yeah, I guess I am. However there is nothing wrong with being smart.


This one is probably the most hurtful. I in no way think I am attractive or pretty, but I know I’m not grotesque. For someone who is really insecure and hates themselves and how they like, because called ugly just confirms how you feel about yourself. I know ‘Ugly’ is probably one of the most used, not a label as such, but more just a general insult. People are affected by this no matter who they are. Just remember that you aren’t ugly. Beauty isn’t what’s on the outside. Everyone is beautiful. You may not be able to see yourself as visually beautiful, but at least see yourself with a beautiful personality. Just think, that person that insults you and bullies you and called you ugly? They don’t have a very beautiful personality, do they?


This goes around a lot too. Again, if you are insecure or even more, suffering from an eating disorder, this will hit you hard – I know from personal experiences. I have been called fat plenty of times, yet I’ve spent a large portion of my life starving myself. I’m going to tell you guys how much I weigh, which is something no one knows except me. It may not be a shock to many of you, because it isn’t as low as I know it gets with a lot of people, but I am 5 stone exactly. Being called Fat, is only going to cause me to starve myself more. Just remember that if you think you’re fat, you most likely aren’t. Check with a doctor, a friend or family member, or just common knowledge. If you fit into the ‘healthy weight’ section, no matter where you are within that, you don’t need to diet or starve, because you aren’t fat.


This is a label I get a lot, from both adults and other kids at school. I have always been shy, and only a couple of years ago did I find out it’s more than just being shy and that it’s social anxiety. I’m always getting called shy and being asked why I’m shy. Teachers try to force me to do things and to speak because they think I’m just being a bit shy, when it’s so much more than that. And even if you are shy and don’t have an anxiety disorder, it doesn’t mean it’s any less hard or intimidating.

I hope this post maybe helped a few of you in some way. I found it a good way to just get it off my chest.


twitter: @MissTeenAdvice_


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