The Music Tag!

Hey everyone!

As a little change from all my recent posts, I thought I’d spice things up with a tag!

1. Favourite Song To SingThis week, my favourite song to sing would probably be either To The End by My Chemical Romance or All I Want by A Day To Remember.

2. Favourite Album of All Time Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance. Simple.

3. Least Favourite Genre of Music Rap or Dupstep. I only really like Rock and a tiny bit of Pop here and there.

4. Least Favourite Bands/Groups or Artists This is quite a hard one, because I don’t tend to remember music that I don’t like, but I will be cliché and say Justin Beiber because that is one artist I cannot stand (sorry to any Beliebers!)

5. Favourite Musical Instrument – I love Drums and Rhythm Guitars.

6. Do you play instruments? If so, name them No, I don’t. However I used to play the recorder (in the times when every junior school did played it) and the keyboard a little bit.

7. Last Song You Heard I think it was Helena by My Chemical Romance. It was during school so I can’t really remember. (In other words I was listening to music rather than doing what we were meant to.)

8. What are you listening to right now, if nothing what song would you like to hear this very second Can you Feel my Heart by Bring Me The Horizon

9. A band or a singer you want to see in your lifetime before you die (or they die) I have a long list. At the top of my list was My Chemical Romance, but then I have Bring Me The Horizon and Paramore

10. A song that always puts a smile on your face whenever you hear it, no matter what mood you’re in Anything at all by My Chemical Romance. Famous Last Words (MCR) probably.

11. Your favourite musical memory. (Could be something you did while hearing a certain song or a concert you seen or a famous musician you met, anything) I don’t really have anything, but the only thing I can say is just that fact that My Chemical Romance saved my life.

12. What was your favourite musical group or artist you liked growing up I loved Mcfly – and I still do.

13. If you were able to create your own ultimate supergroup of your top musicians playing in one band together which famous musicians would be in the band and what instruments would they be playing? I could go on forever. I’m not good at instruments or anything so I will just say who I would have. Oli Sykes, Gerard Way, Hayley Williams, Frank Iero and Tom Fletcher. (Sorry, I had to bring Mcfly into this)

14. What musician would you just kill to marry? Gerard Way, Frank Iero or Mikey Way. Simple.

15. List of the greatest concerts you’ve ever seen I’ve never seen a concert, sadly.

16. Have you met a famous musicians in a band? if so who? Again, sadly no.

17. What is the name of the coolest album cover artwork you’ve ever seen? I’m not really sure, but I love the artwork for the album Sempiturnal by Bring Me The Horizon

18. If you could bring one famous musician back from the dead, who would it be Mitch Lucker ❤

19. Your favourite music related movie (documentary, musical, or just a movie with the band in it like a hard day’s night) I don’t really know any music related movies. Does that make my weird?? …. Maybe I just can’t think of any….

20. Three Greatest bands of all time (In your opinion) – My Chemical Romance, Queen and Bring Me The Horizon

I hope you guys enjoyed this change. Please comment or like if you want to see more of these tag posts.



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