Facts of Self-Injury

Hi everyone.

I thought, today, I would bring you a post on the facts about self-injury. This (hopefully) won’t be too long, but just a sum-up of some main facts and misconceptions.

Self-Injury is often referred to in other ways such as self-harm, self-mutilation or self-abuse.

Self-Injury isn’t just cutting. When this topic is mentioned, many people just jump onto cutting, when in fact there is a long long list of ways. This includes burning, picking at your skin, breaking bones, bruising or interfering with a healing/unhealed wound. It is a deliberate, repetitive and non-lethal method of harming yourself.

Many people think that self-injury is rare. This is fact is very untrue – it is very common. Doctor’s estimate that 4% of the population take part in some form of active self-injury. Also, that doesn’t even include people who haven’t been to a professional about it or keep it a complete secret.

Self-Injury is not a diagnosis in itself. It is usually a symptom of some underlying mental illness that may or may not have already been diagnosed or recognised.

Self-Injury is a coping mechanism. It’s a(n unhealthy) way of coping with inner pain.

Many people who suffer with self-injury may also suffer with chemical abuse or an eating disorder.

Something too many people get confused with is that Self-Injury is not a suicide attempt. As said above, it is a coping mechanism. Many people say it is a life-support – a way of coping with emotions that could others get out of hand.

Self-Injury is often caused by some form of underlying depression or mental illness.

Although Self-Injury is not a suicide attempt in itself, it is estimated that it makes people 9x more likely to attempt or succeed in suicide. However for many people, it is just a coping method.

 I hope this has maybe helped to educate you on some of the hard facts of self-injury or to help you to educate someone else! Let me know if you would like me to make more ‘Facts of’ posts about things such as different mental illnesses or eating disorders etc. by commenting below or sending me a tweet, email or facebook message.

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