Hi everyone!

I recently had a negative thought about my drama homework that inspired me to write to you about pursuing any acting dreams or careers you may have. To give you a bit of background info; our homework is in preparation for part 3 of our BTECH qualification exam. (I’ll put an explanation of this course and qualification at the end.) I dont want to go into acting when im older (i want to go into Psychology) so ive never seen the point in having to take drama as a class (will change next year).

Basically I’m going to talk about acting I have been involved with in the past, and how you can pursue a career in acting without school qualifications.
I’ve spoken to a couple of people who wish to take up acting, however they do not match well with the school curriculum, meaning they will either drop drama or not get a good GCSE out of it. I’m going to show you how you can still gwt into acting without the school qualifications.

Think about this to start with – its clear it isnt vital to have qualifications to act, otherwise we would not have young/baby/toddler/child/teen actors and actresses. Although having good qualifications in any subjects (especially drama and english) with help you, if you do not have them, it doesnt mean you cant take up the career you wish to do.

About 5 years ago, I took up two things to do with ‘acting’ or a career in so. I took up an acting class after school with my best friend. It was an acting school for production and acting etc. I origionally joined as a club and to help with my confidence. I then joined up with a modelling agency. If you want to know, I was with Rascals Modelling Agency. This origionally was a confidence thing, but I loved it so much and got to do so many things. I did a Clarks advert; A couple of photo shoots; A newpaper advert (I had to ride my bike through a woods); and I was also in a couple of episode of ‘The Bill’. I got to meet so many new people and it was an amazing experience.

What I’m trying to get across with all this, is that, if I chose to, I could have carried on with this and it would have lead to so many paths – both in acting and modelling. I wouldn’t need any Drama qualifications. So, if you either don’t have a drama qualification, don’t want to do one, aren’t able for some reason, or aren’t good enough (fit with the school criteria) then there is still a massive amount of hope for you to do what you want.

I hope this was at least partionally helpful. Even if you aren’t into acting or anything, I hope this has showed you that there are different way other than what you are being offered, regardless of where you want to go. (“… They see that there is a way other than what they’re being offered…” ~ Gerard Way)

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