Product Review

Hi everyone!

This is going to be my first of the product reviews.

Today I am reviewing the Colorsensational Luscious Lipgloss by Maybelline.

I’m going to start by saying that I have not seen these products before so I can’t say anything about the size of the product or application. I’ll insert a picture below of the sample set that I got of two different shades, although I would like to just say that I’m not sure how accurate my review will be as the sample sizes are very very small.

The two shades that are includes are 520 Cherry Kiss and 410 Peach Sorbet.

410 Peach Sorbet

Probably the first thing I noticed was how shear this was, whether it was because of the shade, the amount of product I could use or just the product itself. One thing that did surprise me though, was how this product isn’t sticky at all.


This is the applicator ^^^, and pretty much all lipglosses like these that I have had have been at least portionally sticky, so I’m quite surprised by that. If you are like me and have to smell every single product you have, you will discover rather quickly that this smells, really strongly of peaches. Also, once I had put it on I also realised that it tastes vaguely of peaches although it does fade fairly quickly. So, if you don’t like the smell of peaches, and really cannot bear the taste for a little while, then I do not recommend this shade.

520 Cherry Kiss

Colour wise, I noticed this shade has a very slight tint of colour. It reminded me of one of those tinted lip balms. It has a very light colour and is surprisingly moisturising. I would still recommend putting a lip balm underneath for extra moisturising. Like the other shade there is a fruity berry scent although it does not remind me of cherries. There is also a very slight berry taste (again, not cherry), but it also doesn’t linger for more than licking your lips a couple of times.

As a quick review of the product range itself:

– slightly (and surprisingly) moisturising

– very slight colour tint (depending on the colour shade and amount of product you apply)

– slight flavour scent (not noticeably once applied to lips)

– slight taste (disappears after licking your lips a couple of times)

– gives your lips a soft gloss (not too glossy, but not matte at all)

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