MissTeenAdvice – Ask Me #3

Hi everyone.

I thought, to start off the Easter Holidays, I would give you an ‘Ask Me’ from the last questions of the term.

– All my friends have boyfriends and don’t have time for me anymore – I’m so lonely. I’ve talked to them but they don’t see my point of view.

Explain that you don’t want to drift apart and miss spending time with them, and suggest a girls night out once a month. If they are true friends, they’ll make time for you.

– I have really sensitive skin, how can I look after it better?

Check that you’re not suffering from any skin conditions that you may need treatment for such as eczema. Make sure you wash your face twice a day to remove any irritating residue with a gentle, alcohol-free cleanser. Try using a sensitive detergent to wash your clothes which may help any irritation caused by clothes. Also, applying a light, water-based moisturiser and a suncream with an SPF of at least 15 will help to sooth and protect your sensitive skin.

– My teeth have white spots, is there something wrong with my mouth?

White spots are nothing to worry about, just generally means you’ve had too my fluoride when your teeth developed. If you are worried about your mouth health, check your gums – they should be pale pink, if they are red, you probably aren’t brushing your teeth properly, and also check your tongue – if it’s very shiny or smooth you could be anaemic.



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