Perfect Winged Liner Tutorial

Hi everyone

This post is going to be a picture tutorial for the Perfect Winged Eyeliner!

IMG_20130326_154927 IMG_20130326_154949

So, that is my makeup today. My camera focus makes the lines look worse than they really look – which proves that you don’t need it to look perfect!

Below are two step-by-step tutorials for winged eyeliner. I began by using these to help me gets to grips with the basics of creating a good winged eyeliner look.


This first one basically says to extend you lower lash line at an upwards angle and then join the tip of that to the center of your eyelid. Then fill in the triangle shape you created and go over any parts you wish to change or thicken to get the results to want.


This second one is slightly harder to get exact, but basically explains the same thing. Draw a wing – an extension of your lower lash line. Link it to the center of your upper lash line with a triangle shape. Drag that line as far towards the inner corner as you wish, getting thinner and thinner. Fill it all in and perfect the lines.

My Tips:

I have some tips which helped me to perfect my winged eyeliner. I have been doing this kind of eyeliner for about 3 years now, and I’m still nowhere near perfect with it.

1) Experiment with different ways of doing wings. There are many different ways of doing wings. Some people prefer freehand, whereas others prefer to use more guided methods. You can just draw a wing with you hand. Although some people choose to either use a tissue/paper, tape or a brush. For the Tissue/Paper, you just line the straight edge at the angle and draw you line against it. You can use a makeup brush handle as a guide which is more free. Or you can use surgical tape to stick at an angle, which is a more controlled version of the tissue/paper method. If you choose to go freehand, you can either just jump in with it, or use a white/nude pencil to make a guide line to go over with your proper eyeliner.

2) Experiment with different types of eyeliner. Test out different kinds of eyeliner and find what suits you best. Pencil eyeliner is probably best for beginners. It’s easier to remove and you have more control, as it’s just the same as drawing with a normal pencil. Liquid eyeliner is good for precision lining as it gives you a very pigmented, harsh line, but can still be easily blended out. Felt Tip liners are the same as liquid liners, but give you that little bit more precision and control over the line you draw, and the amount of product that is actually used. Gel eyliner is my personal favourite. It stays all day and is really easy to control, but you still get a very pigmented, harsh thin line that you can blend out and thicken at your own will. You can also get Cake eyeliner, which comes looking like an eyeshadow and is activated with water. I haven’t seen or used these so i can’t tell you what they are like and who they may suit best.

3) Don’t worry if your lines aren’t perfect. As I said right at the beginning of this post, you are going to pick out flaws in your eyeliner yourself close up, more than other people are at a normal distance from you. It also takes a long time to master getting perfect eyeliner, so don’t worry if it takes you a while to do it. When I first started, I would only do it on the weekends or holidays when I wasn’t really doing anything or when I wasn’t at school or with my friends. That way, if it doesn’t look great, it doesn’t matter and you’ve still practiced.

4) Start Small. If you are just getting into eyeliner, start with a basic eyeliner and progress to winged eyeliner once you are suitably good at it. Then start off with small, slightly faded wings, that look a bit like shadows. It gives a more natural look with less room for error. Then gradually practice wings that are more defined and larger.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post – I know it was rather long but I have it has helped at least one of you with your eyeliner. Let me know if you like this kind of tutorial thing and I will make some more on different makeup styles I do etc.

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