My Piercings & Wishlist

Hi everyone!

From the response of my Tattoo Wishlist, I thought I’d tell you all about my piercings to match! I’m going to tell you about the pain things of each piercings that I have, have previously had, and would like!

As I’m only 13 (almost 14!) I don’t have many piercings, and nor do I have many at all that I used to have.

My Previous Piercings:

I used to have my septum pierced. If you don’t know, it’s the piece of tissue in the middle of your nostrils. Septum Piercing Stupidly, I did pierce that myself, which I really do not recommend! But, I did it anyway, because my parents hate piercings and it was something I really wanted. For pain, I would say it was about a 1.5/10. It really didn’t hurt at all. I would say it would be a 1/10 if done professionally. It was a slight pinch and hurt more because of having to put the jewellery in after, and the fact that it is sensitive and makes your eyes water. These are great because they can be hidden from work/school easily – but do not hide them from your parents!

I also used to have my lobes stretched/gauged to an 8g which is about 3.2mm. I had this done about a year ago, but was forced to take it out by my school. My ears have gone back to their original size of 20-18g (0.8-1mm) now. This didn’t hurt at all. It’s better to look up a video about this for better information, but all you feel is a slight tightness when you put a bigger size in. If you feel any pain, the size is too big and you need to downsize.

My Current Piercings:

At the moment I only have two piercings. I have my 1st and 2nd lobe piercings. I had my first one pierced when I was about 9 years old, and my 2nd was done around 9months ago. For pain, they were both pretty much the same. I would say the first hole was a 1/10 and the 2nd was a 1.5/10. The 2nd hole was slightly worse because it’s slightly higher up meaning the tissue and skin is thicker, but there isn’t really any noticeable difference.

My Piercing Wishlist:

I will just tell you the name of the piercing and add a small picture of it.

– 2 helix piercings on my left ear, and 1 on my right    helix

– side lip piercing on the right side of my mouth side lip

– double belly button (top and bottom) double navel/belly button

– tragus piercing (one in each ear) tragus

I hope you guys enjoyed this. Again, please no hate, and I’d love to hear about your piercings!

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