Update and Apology

Hi everyone.

I would just like to start off by saying a huge apology for not being here recently. I hope you have all had a happy beginning-of-March nonetheless. I’m hopefully going to be getting back into the swing of posting frequently. I’ve had a couple of messages wondering where I have been and why I just suddenly stopped posting, and I would like you thank you guys again for caring ❤ There’s been a few things in my personal life recently, and I didn’t want to drag all the negativity into this blog. But anyway, things are beginning to get a bit better, so I thought I would return and see how things go XxxX

So, for the Update. I have quite a few posts coming up in the next day or so that I was planning or that I drafted before my abrupt absence. I have had a lot of questions come through from my school, which I will be answering on here for you, as well as some more light hearted posts!

Thank you guys again for being so patient with the minor absence XxxX

email me on: emmasaurusofficial@gmail.com


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