MissTeenAdvice – Ask Me #2

Hey Everyone, so this is the 2nd part to my ‘Ask Me’ segment. Link to my last (first) Ask Me post at the end.

Two guys have both told me they like me. I like them both, really badly – how do I know which one to choose?

Only you can truly know which one to choose, if either. I’ll tell you want I’ve always been told and always lived by. ‘If you truly loved the first person, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second’. But who says you have to choose either? Do what you feel is right – as I said before, only you can know what is right for you to do.

All my friends have boyfriends and people pick on me for not having one. How can I make this stop?

would say this is just people being immature. There is nothing wrong with being single. Not everyone dates. Not everyone marries. And not many people even meet the person they are going to be with whilst they are still in their school years. You are waiting for that special person, rather than jumping on whatever comes along.

I’m worried no one will want to go out with me because of my scars, should I look into scar removal?

If someone truly loves you, scars won’t matter to them, no matter how many there are. If people judge you, that should be their problem, not yours. I wouldn’t look into scar removal until you are older, especially if there is a chance of getting more. If, when you are older, the scars really bother you, then by all means, look into removal – but don’t do it for someone else.

I want to tell one of my best friends about my self harm (one already knows), but how can I find the confidence to talk about the topic?

Self harm, amongst other things, is a topic that is very unnecessarily taboo. It can be hard to talk about something like that, especially if it’s something that your friend(s) aren’t familliar with. If you are sure you want to tell them, just come out to them – you need to trust them. If you are unsure about telling them, maybe ask what they think of self harm and people who do it, or whether they know anything about it, and go from there.

I feel very self-consious when getting changed for P.E because I have very small breasts.

I, too am rather on the smaller size. But just remember you aren’t done growing yet! Different people mature at different rates, and some people just generally have bigger breasts than others. You shouldn’t feel bad about it – it doesn’t make you any less feminine. If it still bothers you when you are older, you can always do something about it – which is nesseserily surgery. But just remember – there is nothing wrong with having small breasts! If your worried about guys, to a true man, it won’t matter, and some guys prefer girls with smaller breast the same as some guys prefer girls with bigger ones!

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MissTeenAdvice – Ask Me #1 : https://emmasaurusofficial.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/missteenadvice-ask-me-1/


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