MissTeenAdvice – Ask Me #1

Okay! So this is my first ‘Ask Me’ post. This is a main part in my blog, where you guys send me in your problems and questions – regardless of what they are about. My first post on this blog explains it further.

I need to revise for a lot of exams at the moment and I find it all quite overwhelming. How can I be calmer before my tests?

Taking regular breaks and taking a little walk around or doing some exercise can help with concentration. Make sure you go to bed at a reasonable time so you aren’t tired – if you try to revise when you are really tired, you are less likely to remember things. A positive attitude will also help with your revision, aswell as staying hydrated to help with concentration.

I’ve fallen out with some of my friends, what can I do?

I feel really alone because I have no friends, what can I do?

Some people find it easier to make friends that others, and it’s not your fault if you find it hard. There are always things you can do to help you appear more confident. Smiling and good eye contact is a great way to make yourself approachable. The more friendly you are, the easier it is for people to come and be nice to you. Getting involved in clubs and school events is a great way to meet new people with similar interests but remember that it takes a bit of time for anyone to break through and make friends. Remember that there will be other people who might feel nervous and not be very confident when it comes to talking to new people or making friends.

How can I help my friend because she self-harms?

You may feel helpless, confused or worried when you find out that someone you care about is self-harming. Remember that it is difficult to tell people about self-harm. She would have told you because she trusts you and feels that you will not judge her because of it. Sometimes all she may need is for you to be a good friend and listen to her about how she feels, and be there for her when she needs you. Encourage your friend to get help, but remember that you can also seek help and support because helping someone who self-harms can be a very daunting task. Childline is a good place to receive this help, and a good place to direct your friend into maybe finding confidential help if she feels she wants it.


Thank you to anyone that has sent in messages. I mix in ones from school as well, but I will make sure that I respond to every single one of you, regardless of what you tell me XxxX

email me on: emmasaurusofficial@gmail.com

XxxX Emma XxxX


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